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The Historical Society in Mantorville will finally have a parking lot.  Stay tuned.parking lot 2

Country School Program      June 20 – 23

MantorvilleSchool 063
Don’t miss this activity for  your children or grandchildren will be able to experience  a wide variety of the feeling and opportunity to explore and discover what going to a one-room school was all about.
It has been a few years since the Dodge County Historical Society has offered this program.

  • June 20 – 23
  • School building on the Museum grounds.
  • Open to students from 1st to 5th grade.
  • Limited enrollment
  • Cost $40.00 includes all supplies and activities

Call 507.635.5508 or e-mail

Due to lack of interest by the county this event has been canceled.  We are truly sorry to all those this may inconvenience.  Thank you to everyone who did sign up and to Mark Moran for his willingness to work with us.  

Gary C. Klein/Sheboygan Press

Mark Moran will be at Dodge County Historical Society on Saturday, August 1 from 1pm to 4pm for a antique and collectibles appraisal event! There is a $15 per item appraisal fee. A portion of appraisal fees will be donated to the Historical Society. You need to schedule in advance.

Call 507-635-5508 or email to schedule an appointment.

Mark Moran is a former senior editor of Antiques and Collectibles Books for Krause Publications in Iola, Wis. He has also been a contributing editor for Antique Trader magazine and a guest expert on the PBS series Antiques Roadshow. He is the author or co-author of more than 25 books on antiques and collectibles, including the 800-page annual Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles, now in its 45th edition.
Moran bought and sold antiques for more than 30 years, specializing in vintage folk art, Americana, and fine art. He has been active as an appraiser of antiques and fine art for more than 20 years.

Article as it appeared on the Community News Corporation Website


4/23/2015 6:02:00 PM
Historical Society sticks with term limits
Quorum reached – Historical Society conducts business

About 70 voting members attended the Sunday evening meeting. Photo by Melanie Dobson

About 70 voting members attended the Sunday evening meeting. Photo by Melanie Dobson

By Gretta Becay

At their April 19 meeting, about 70 voting members of the Dodge County Historical Society elected three board members, accepted a set of bylaws, and defeated a motion to remove term limits from those bylaws.

The meeting was the second annual meeting called this spring; at the first meeting March 21, a quorum did not attend and the Society’s business could not be completed.

According to a Society’s website post, “If we fail to have a quorum two years in a row the Dodge County Historical Society must be dissolved and the assets become the property of the Minnesota Historical Society.”

There are about 300 members and 10 percent of the membership represents a quorum said Society board secretary Mary Ann Bucher.

At the April 19 meeting, the group elected Linda Jerviss, Coy Borgstrom and Scott French to serve three-year terms. There are nine members on the board and three are elected each year. Each member may serve two terms and then must take a year off before running again.

Borgstrom suggested that this term limit be removed. Several people commented on the issue.

Don Zeller said, “I believe in term limits. We put this in years ago so we could get a change once in awhile.”

Borgstrom said it’s hard enough to get volunteers so if someone wants to serve on the board, they should be able….read the rest of the story in the print edition of the Star Herald.

Is coming to Mantorville Opera House April 30th at 8pmabe

Chris Vallillo is a nationally acclaimed singer/songwriter and folk musician who makes the people and places of “unmetropolitan” America come to life in song.

Tickets are $15.00 and are available by calling 507.696.6986

This event is a benefit for the restoration of the Wasioja Recruiting Station.

Check out the link to his web site.

2015 Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 19th

4 p.m.

Dodge Center American Legion Building


It is important to note that there was NO quorum at the DCHS Annual Meeting last month.  If we fail to have a quorum two years in a row the Dodge County Historical Society must be dissolved and the assets become the property of the Minnesota Historical Society.  This meeting is being called to attempt to get a quorum and protect the many assets of the DCHS.  These assets include, but are not limited to, hundreds of historical items and family histories, five historical buildings, and over $100,000 to help run the society’s museum, preserve the many artifacts we have, and educate people about our history.


We need 40 or more current DCHS members to attend the meeting.  If we do not get a quorum this year, there is a good chance we won’t achieve one next year and we don’t want to have that happen.  It is our duty to help preserve our history and share it with future generations to come, so please take a few hours out of your day to help preserve your history.


To help us preserve our history we need a set of by-laws to help us conduct our duties properly.  We currently have two full sets of by-laws and a partial set of by-laws that are not in agreement on many issues related to the conduct of DCHS business. It is essential for us to adopt a single set of by-laws to avoid legal issues and facilitate the effective management and operation of the DCHS. 


The agenda will include the election of Board Members to fill expired terms/vacancies on Board, the election of officers and the adoption of by-laws.


Please come and help us preserve the Dodge County Historical Society for the use and enjoyment of all who enjoy learning more about their past. 

The Historical Society has a lot of great things planned for this year and we could use your help to make it happen.


Here are some of the things that we could use your help with:

  • The New Exhibit – building mannequins, choosing garments to display, prepare exhibit display, create event poster, plan exhibit reception
  • Country School – we are looking for one more teacher for one or two weeks, four days each week.  There is a stipend.
  • Fair – the log cabin needs a new display along with volunteers to be on site during the fair.
  • Wine Tasting Event –  join the committee, acquire silent auction items and set up the day of
  • Collection data entry – the indexing and photographing is never ending and we could always use your help in updating our records


Please email or call 507-398-4853 if you are interested in helping us in our many projects.

This March we are putting the spot light on Anna Gobble Slingerland.

Anna is well known in Dodge County for her ground breaking law suit against her husband Tunis Slingerland Sr. in 1910.  It is said that this may be the first time a woman won a suit like this in Minnesota.

Anna came to Kasson on the train from Claremont to teach school in Dodge County.  She lived in the same boarding house in Mantorville that Tunis, a widower, either also lived or took his meals in the same boarding house.  Tunis, 67, and Anna, 23, eventually met and had an affair during which she became pregnant.  Upon learning this Tunis took Anna to visit his attorney in Winona where she was asked to sign papers in order for them to marry and in her flustered state blindly signed what was presented to her.  They married in 1890 and had five children together.  Later in life Anna found out the papers she signed entitled Tunis to “dower rights” of $5,000.  She took him to court and during the process they still lived together since their youngest child was merely five at the time.  After Anna’s victory Tunis only lived for four more years.  Upon his death Tunis left an estate worth over one million dollars.  Anna received $385,886.35 and the other five heirs received $154,345.64 each.

Unfortunately all we know about Anna’s life is what we can ascertain  from the court transcripts, the files at the Historical Society mention nothing of her death.  Anna’s father John Gobbles is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in the Slingerland lots located in Mantorville.  What ever happened to Anna after the trial? Did she stay in the area or move on?  If you have any information on Anna’s life we would greatly appreciate it if you share it with us.


Interested in reading more about the law suit? The Dodge County Historical Society had the law suit transcript reprinted and  is available for purchase at the museum.

Fall is in Full Swing!

And that means cold season is not far behind! Check out this poster we found in our school house collection for more details on how to catch a cold:


In 1951 Disney and Kleenex partnered to make an educational short film showing how to avoid catching a cold. The common man is home with a common cold, and his alter ego (common sense) tells him of the mistakes he made leading to him getting the cold and the careless things that he had done helping to spread the cold to other people.  The promotional poster in our collection is just one of six different versions.  To  learn how to stay healthy this cold season click here to watch the ten minute short film.

Here are some more film posters on how to catch, spread and cure a cold:





In July of 1917 Dodge County officially formed a chapter for the American Red Cross.  However, the work for Red Cross and the war effort had begun earlier that year when the first of Dodge County men went into the service at Fort Snelling.  By the time those men left Minnesota for training in New Mexico they were supplied with an abundance of war comforts prepared by the women of Dodge County who would later make up the work force for the Red Cross.  With the help of E. L. Sanford, director of the Dodge County chapter, the women of Dodge County were able to pass every quota the Red Cross had for Dodge County.  By the end of the war in 1918 Dodge County had raised forty thousand dollars and supplied soldiers and relief efforts with over twenty thousand articles of clothing, bedding, bandages, etc.

Historic artwork of a Red Cross nurse flanked by members of all of the lines of the military

The work of the Dodge County chapter was carried out through five branches under each of which was one or more auxiliaries.  The branches took care of the detail of the work, looked after raising the quotas of both work and money and left the chapter officials to look after the management of every factor of the chapter.  Each branch of the Dodge County chapter of the Red Cross helped out the war effort tremendously.  Branches were at Claremont, Hayfield, Kasson, Mantorville, and West Concord.

In Mantorville, the branch exceeded every allotment of goods or money quota assigned to it during the war.  At one Mantorville fundraiser an egg was sold and resold until it had brought in over sixty dollars.  The Kasson branch dealt almost exclusively with aiding in the equipment of the Mayo Brothers’ Base Hospital at Rochester.  In addition to helping supply the base hospital with bandages and other items, the Kasson branch also helped supply clothing for refugees and war sufferers in France.  The West Concord branch was home to the first Junior Red Cross organization in Dodge County.  Every teacher and pupil in the school took part in various project to help the effort.  Some of these projects include the making of garments, knitting, the gathering of clothing for refuges and the saving of fruit pits.

One project that many Red Cross chapters across America took part in during World War I was the making of Red Cross Signature Quilts.  For a one dollar donation, your name was embroidered on to a quilt.  Here at the Historical Society we have a quilt that was made by the Concord Farmers Club in 1918 on display and also pictured below (donated by Marilyn Miller of West Concord, MN).

During a visit to the Dodge County Historical Society Museum author Erica Vetsch saw our Red Cross Quilt and was inspired not only to write a book, but to make a quilt of her own.  With the help of her sister-in-law, Linda Amrose, Erica made a Red Cross Signature quilt with the names of over three hundred Dodge County World War I Veterans embroidered on it.  This quilt can also be seen on display in our museum.  A Bride Sews with Love in Needles California by Erica Vetsch is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other book retailers.

Source for Dodge County information: A History of Dodge County, Minnesota in the World War 1917 – 1919, a Chronicle of the Activities of Soldiers, Sailors, Officials and Citizens.

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